The Connection of Music in our lives

The Connection of Music in our lives

“Hey Google! Play me mediation music with nature sounds”

“I need to listen to some motivational songs to chase away my Monday blues”

“It’s that mood of mine where I want to tune in a groovy song and dance till I drop.”

How many times each day do we find ourselves being picky on what music do we want to listen to? And what is it that makes all these playlists that we create with utmost effort so different from each other? The language or the words they are compiled with? Possibly to some extent, yes. But let us imagine fitting the words of a party song into an emotional composition. Will the words still bring out what they were supposed to? To most of us, they won’t.

They say music has no language. Rightly so, because why limit our definition of music to the songs saved on our phones? Let’s talk about the nature’s music where none of us have been able to decipher the language in which birds chirp, or leaves rustle. Despite this, the sounds that nature creates for us have the potence to take away that weariness or even put us to sleep after a tiring day. Another example in this context is the magic and relevance of lullabies to an infant. Even without understanding a single word of it, the child feels comforted and protected with the tenderness of the song as they slip into that smiley slumber.

Music is known to have impacted each stage of our lives in different ways. An understanding of “matras” or beats, “vibhags” or divisions, “avartans” or cycle of a taal help children hone their mathematics skills. To them, instant gratification is many a times, everything. And in such cases, music teaches patience. It teaches that it takes time and effort to become better at anything in life.

To an adult, music can be not just a way of expressing, but also an emphasizing factor to the emotions and expressions. This is possibly the reason why any form of movies we watch, have songs for different situations or moods. It helps further articulate the emotions of what a past scene was trying to convey, leaving the viewers with a true sense of understanding and better appreciation of that scene.

The importance of music isn’t limited to how it impacts an individual, but also how it connects the generations. As a child, I was exposed to a lot of songs from the black and white age of movies through my grandfather and later by my father. And even today, amidst the set of songs which are loved by millennials and gen-z, the songs which I grew up listening to on a portable radio are the on that have stayed with me, and are the ones that make me feel connected to the generation that I have never lived in.

Music adds worth to our lives in many more ways than what can be contained in this writeup. The idea was to highlight a few of them because we mostly realize the importance of things in their absence. And music, in one form or the other is always present around us, due to which the positive spin-offs of it may get unnoticed by us. Hope it helps you indulge, explore, and hence appreciate this beautiful form of art a little more than before.

"Surabhi lives in Bangalore and works as a product manager. Besides singing, she loves running and photography as her hobbies. She has been associated with Sangeet Sadhana since 2015 but had to take a break on this journey while pursuing her MBA in Mumbai. Her love for classical music made her re-join the classes after 2 years with our gurus and she hopes to continue to learn this art form for as long as she can."

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