To New Beginings

- Written by : Onkita Adhikary

“The perfect ending to any day, project or year is to finish strong” and as we usher in 2023 bidding adieu to 2022, we at Sangeet Sadhana take this time to thank God and our Gurus who have blessed us with just that.

Every step taken by Sangeet Sadhana throughout the entire last year was a step set in strength. When we opened the doors of the institute to restart offline classes post Covid, all we had was strength in the belief that we shall all be able to conquer our fear of the contagious disease and immerse ourselves into the ocean of music safely yet again. When we put together our first post Covid recording of all our gurus to commemorate the spirit of India’s 75 th Independence Day, we stepped in the belief that music is what truly frees the soul and truly liberates the spirit. When we hosted our very first performance post Covid on Krishna Janmasthami, we stepped in the belief that in the end all we have is love; a love that is kindled in the bosom of Yashodha, a love that beats in the heart of Radha, a love that meets faith in Meera and a love that is eternal. Our next presentation on Ganesh Chaturthi was a step in the belief that faith restores, reinvigorates and renews and with each step we have renewed our humble pledge to serve music with all we have.

Last year, Sangeet Sadhana proudly hosted a Childrens’ Day initiative where the overwhelming response brought forth stories that were inspiring, talent that was unbounded and joy that was palpable. We were proud to showcase these little children who are the true epitome of hope and pride for us. We also take this occasion to thank the parents who have instilled the love for music in them; they truly are the guardians of our beautiful heritage. Much like the past years in 2022 too, we saw an unprecedented number of students who showed their desire to appear for the examinations conducted by Pracheen Kala Kendra, Chandigarh. With the huge number of students enrolling for the examination, we yet again took a step in the belief that practice will eventually ensure success and we wish them the very best.

As we step into 2023, we at Sangeet Sadhana firstly ask for blessings of the Almighty, our gurus and good wishes from all to fulfil all our future endeavours. We are hopeful that this year will bless us with new thoughts, infuse us with the zeal to undertake new initiatives and let us be invigorated to serve music in its purest form. Sangeet Sadhana will be starting the year off with a puja on Vasant Panchami as we worship the Goddess Saraswati asking for her divine blessing for our entire fraternity followed by a baithak where music will be the mantra and swar and taal will be the offerings. We look forward to this year being one where everyone reaches their destined goal; everyone undertakes the musical journey and finds their rhythm, voice and music as their source of joy, love and worship. We pray for a wonderful year ahead for one and all. Let us celebrate music together!

“The beginning is often the most important part of the work”, said Plato and as we tread in to 2023, we leave you all with a Message Of Music penned by one of our students; Aayushi Nag to start the year on the perfect note.

Message of Music

Even in the midst of unilluminated

A thousand hopes as it stated

To discomfort giving no sway

It wades through sorrow and woe

Bringing together friend and foe

Each sound, beautifully laced

Sa, resonating in all its glory Insinuating the beginning of a new story

Re, coming along as delicate as can be Making you feel much more than you can see

Ga, melodious intricacy it is Such light as it brings, its hardest to miss

Ma, whimsically perfect it is indeed For well-earned glee, sowing the seed

Pa, synonymous to delight Making us soar at new heights

Dha, an embodiment of fragility Standing proud with all her dignity

Ni, strikes a chord straight at the heart The most delightful form of art

Sa, finally comes along Signifying an end to this brilliant song

The blend of such heart-warming beauty

With the undertone of painstaking love

Which is what finally sets us free

Bathed in the colours of the purified dove


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