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Hindustani Music & Vocal Musical Classes in Bangalore

Hindustani classical music is not just an art; it is a path which connects its listeners and practitioners to the glory of sanctity. The treasury of Indian cultural heritage describes the purity of the tradition held by Indian classical music classes in Bangalore. The performing art is one of the oldest forms, which is influenced by the Vedas and other esteemed musical traditions and philosophies. The prime features of Hindustani classical music revolve around the integrity of Raag, and the positions of the notes (swars). The rendition encompasses the diligence of the emotion which is to be expressed by the raag. It is all about creating positive vibes! The authentic classical vocal musical classes in Bangalore styles are Dhrupad and Khayal. To add on, they spread their wings across a range of semi-classical styles like Ghazal, Dadra, Chaiti, Tumri, Kajri, Bhajan and the list continues. The rendition is further ornamented with murki, andolan and gamak. The resonating voice synchronizes with shruthi (scale) and rhythm (taal) to transcend the listeners deep into tranquility.

Learn a Variety of Instruments

We feel that it is the responsibility of the institution to take a larger overview of the art and its potentiality of Assimilating Social and Cultural changes.


Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia

An internationally acclaimed flautist of India, Pandit Hariprasad Chaurasia is a very popular and eminent artiste par excellence who is known for his outstanding contribution in popularizing Indian Classical Music all over the world.

Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra

Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra

The inimitable duo of Indian Classical music Pandit Rajan & Pandit Sajan Misra does not need any introduction for the Indian music lovers. They are one of the top most Indian Classical Vocalists today, with a distinguished lineage.

Pandit Subhankar Banerjee

Pandit Subhankar Banerjee

A classical Tabla virtuoso Pt. Subhankar Banerjee today has been considered as a torch bearer and thunderously applauded by the greats of Tabla and stalwarts of Indian music for his scintillating and versatile way of playing.

Pandit Pravin Godkhindi

Pandit Pravin Godkhindi

Born in a family of musicians, music is divine blessing to Pravin. He is fortunate to have his father Pandit.Venkatesh Godkhindi, an eminent vocalist and Bansuri artiste of the country, as his first and only Guru for Flute.


Hindustani Vocal Classes

Conception of Ragas, understanding all the parameters of Ragas. This living art has an insatiable thirst and is practiced through different genres of music namely high classical styles like Dhrupada, Dhamara, and The Khayala( traditional Bandish and intricate compositions or Cheej in musical terminology), light classical styles like Thumri ( Banaras Anga, Punjabi anga and Bandishi Thumri), Dadara, Tappa, Bhajans, poetry oriented popular styles like Ghazals, Bhajans etc.

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Hindustani Instruments Classes

Fingering Techniques of improving or modifying the quality of sound production in order to increase the aesthetic effects are emphasised. Some of these embellishments are kana or grace notes, kampan or tremor, krintan or pizzicato, zamzama, meend or portamento or glissandi, Ladi( quick tremolo strokes) are taught with fine detailing in order to appreciate the subtleties involved in playing Sitar.

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Sangeetsadhana is one of the best Hindustani Classical Music Classes in Bangalore.

Are you interested in learning music? Sangeetsadhana offers Hindustani Vocal and Hindustani instruments courses like Sarod, Sitar, Violin, Mohan Veena, Bansuri ( long Flute ), Tabla and Harmonium.

We Conduct three different stages of level for learning:

Beginners level:

The courses can take in students at students and after that program them to increasingly propel ideas and methods more than three level dimensions of learning. To show our universally created educational programs, we source the workforce from the absolute most well-known music schools and centers.

  • Basic Theory and evolution of Classical Music
  • Classification of Music Instruments.
  • Introduction to a semi-classical form of music like Thumri, Dadra, Ghazals etc.

Intermediate level:

Students at this stage build up the capacity to recognize Raagas and its elements. Examination of Ragas with comparative or indistinguishable scales and note designs. Role of ornamentations like Meend, Kana, Khatka, Murki in the depiction of the Raga.

  • Introduction to Allied Ragas and understanding their notes and Phrases.
  • Continuation of theory and evolution of music in detail with the story of Gaharandar musicians.
  • Understand the similarity and dissimilarity of Raagas, like similar and different scale and melodic pattern.

Advanced level :

Theory study offers a wide scope of melodic awareness. It gives a dynamic way to deal with understanding the structure of music. The functional information is increased when you learn it alongside an instrument or singing. Directly from the essentials like notation, melody, rhythm, harmony, it expands to musical history, form, and instrument range.

  • Able to give a classical recital for any composition starting from bada khayal, followed by Chota khayal, Tarana.
  • Ending the composition meaningfully with any light classical style like Bhajan or Thumri or Dadra.

What students Says :

Musical Classes in Bangalore: Reviews and Testimonials.

Best Music class for learning Classical vocal singing. I also get the chance to sing at a concert in front of the audience. Awesome experience! I am still a student at this school, joined few months back. Loving my classes. Always look forward for my weekends to come.A very traditional set up, atmosphere is very good. Sir always tells us to be disciplined, before learning anything and it is working in every aspect .

Written by: Sri Chaitanya

Sangeetsadhana Student Reviews and Testimonials

5 / 5 stars

  • Testimonials

    I have started my music classes in sangeet sadhana 6 months back, Great place to learn classical Hindustani music. Sangeet Sadhana follows guru sishya parampara which helps each student to lean with focus and in a traditional way. Perfect place and perfect environment for practice.Teachers over here are awsome they take care by attention to individual.

    Sri Chaitanya

    Sri Chaitanya,

  • Testimonials

    I have been part of Sangeet sadhana for more than 1.5 years. I am glad to be part of a school which is not only teaching students music and art but also nurturing them to be humble in life. Concept of guru shishya parampara which is followed in the school helps you in connecting to music in profound way. Passion and knowledge which gurus in this institute have for classical music is awesome. I look forward for my class as I get to learn new things everyday. In addition we have lot of baithaks organised by school where students get a platform to showcase their learning.

    Reetika Malhotra

    Reetika Malhotra,

  • Testimonials

    If you are looking for an authentic place to learn Hindustani classical music this is the place to look forward. I thoroughly enjoyed the way they taught & the attention they gave. You can actually feel the guru shishya parampara followed here unlike lot of places which are in the business of music.

    Santosh Jagtap

    Santosh Jagtap,

  • Testimonials

    I joined Sangeet Sadhana 4 months back for Hindustani Classical music. Its really helping me to explore music.Classes are well arranged with detailed Notes and Individual focus.If you want to learn Hindustani Classical music from scratch Sangeet Sadhana is the place for you.

    Nitish Hardeniya

    Nitish Hardeniya,

  • Testimonials

    Awesome place to learn Music!!! Anindta mam and Ritesh Sir are outstanding teachers. Definitely worth learning if you want to learn music.

    Ajay partap singh chhokar

    Ajay partap singh chhokar,


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