What makes Sangeet Sadhana Different when compared to any other music institution in Bangalore

Music is the only universal language understood by all, across the world. In today’s modern world, youngsters are often more inclined to learn contemporary music, like pop, jazz, or hip hop. They consider Indian classical music irrelevant, old-fashioned, and boring. But Sangeet Sadhana is changing this mindset by forging a connection between classical and modern music. Various famous global artists like Justin Bieber, Adele, Avicii, Jon Bellion, Childish Gambino, and more are thinking about numerous ways to incorporate classical music in their work.

Sangeet Sadhana is one of the best institutions offering Music Classes in Bangalore. In Covid times students have enrolled for online classes from every nook and corner of India and abroad. Most of them have also grabbed the attention of the renowned music directors of the world.

Sangeet Sadhana’s Music classes in Bangalore are different from those of other musical institutions. Here's how it is so...

Encourages self discipline and enhances presence of mind in the process of musical perception

Learning Hindustani classical vocals and instruments needs much patience and training. If you are a student who strives for perfection and punctuality, then Sangeet Sadhana is the perfect place for you. We follow specific codes and decorum that help the student to exercise self discipline and hence enhance one's presence of mind through awareness of every note. We also help students maintain a pitch and remain in tune with the musicians.

Helps Broaden Communication skills.

Learning how to sing or play a Hindustani instrument helps enhance one's communication skills. We assist students to identify the beats through careful listening, thus making an impact on performance. A student can then glide with ease through a composition seamlessly soaring and dipping across octaves unexpectedly, with practiced confidence and spontaneity.

This practice helps them to communicate with the audiences better as they emote through the notes being sung . According to some studies, classical music can enhance the memory of a person by reviving neural pathways that were dormant before. With enhanced listening skills, remembering all they listen to becomes a natural process for students.

Sangeet Sadhana creates a Spiritual Link

Music is a musician's religion. In Sangeet Sadhana, we preach the principle of _dhaarayate iti dharma_ in our Music Classes in Bangalore and Online. This phrase means to imbibe virtues and celebrate life’s natural flow with no inhibitions. We believe singing is the only way to connect with our innate supreme power. One beat and Swara can change our inner soul drastically, and help question the real meaning of our lives.

Why is Sangeet Sadhana Different from other Music Institutions?

Now let us take a quick look at why ...

One-stop platform

Sangeet Sadhana is a one-stop platform as a student can learn multiple instruments and vocals under the same roof. Other musical institutions might offer only vocal training. But Sangeet Sadhana is the only one in Bangalore offering training in more than eight instruments , along with vocal classes.

Highly Qualified Teachers

Huge team of qualified professional and graded artists of all india radio with several years of experience in the music industry. They assist you in learning about your personal musical goals and train you to pursue them.

Excellence is the norm not the exception.

We have been teaching students from various corners of the world with admirable standards of professional integrity for the past ten years. We are now a family of more than 300 students and growing. Our primary objective is to train enthusiasts who are new to music, whether old or young, to evolve into accomplished musicians.

Highly upgraded teaching studios

The studio of Sangeet Sadhana is equipped with all you will require for your Online Music Classes or otherwise in Bangalore, like sitar, violin, Mohan veena, sarod, flute, tabla, harmonium, and many more. All you have to do is enrol at Sangeet Sadhana.

No Hidden charges

You do not have to pay any additional charges. Only pay the registration fee at the time of admission and fees on a monthly basis. Other than this, there are no hidden charges that you have to pay.

Different Types of Courses

In Sangeet Sadhana, we have vocal and instrumental training courses for beginners, intermediate and advanced learners. We also offer Bollywood Classic classes to understand the composition, situation, and feeling of the song. The classes for basic level varies from 2 to 4 weeks and intermediate level from 1.5 to 2.5 years.

With commuting problems, hectic schedules, and many other problems, attending physical classes can be challenging. However, Sangeet Sadhana offers the additional option of online music classes in Bangalore. Students anywhere can learn from the comfort of their home.

Music is an art form. It cannot be limited to the conventions of compositions and rules or boundaries dictated by the respective gharanas. Sangeet sadhana has established its own signature style by prioritizing emotion and aesthetic value of a raag . Due to this unique style, over the years, Sangeet Sadhana has emerged as truly authentic in the way it has been nurturing and shaping aspirants of classical music

We make a difference by being the difference. Our teachers and students bear testimony to Sangeet Sadhana being distinctly different from other music institutions.

So if you have a dream... a quest... for meaningful learning, enrol today to set out on the path to become a maestro in Hindustani classical music with Sangeet Sadhana!


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