About Us - Musical Classes in Bangalore

Vision and Mission

Sangeet Sadhana strives to preserve the integrity of Hindustani classical music. Nurturing the tradition and culture of performing arts, we aim to propagate the true authenticity of classical music to the present and the future generations. The school stands as a pillar of expression, constantly working towards upholding and strengthening the identity of our cultural heritage. Spreading the joy of music, Sangeet Sadhana envisions bringing many more such aspiring musicians into the limelight. Encouraging the young and budding musicians to discover their signature style of performance, we consistently organize stage performances where the masters don’t just teach but also perform with their students. A brief description of every raag scrolled on the background educates the audiences witnessing the concerts and more such creative efforts from our side help sculpt the trueness of music deep onto the world. Taking the responsibility of establishing the grace of classical music in the hearts of every music lover, we live the echoes of musical vibes to not just protect but also expand the priceless heritage of Indian arts to the next level.


Not confining to a particular Gharana, Sangeet Sadana has developed a unique style of rendition which forms the signature of the institution by imbibing the specialties and core positive qualities of Aghra-Atruali and Patiala Gharana. Music means Shruti; it means purity of the 7 notes that exists in the universe to produce the sooth of peace. Upon the rise of various styles and genres of music and the mindsets which consider music to be only entertainment, we are here at Sangeet Sadhana to cast different innovations to make the process of learning classical music, an interesting and an attractive one. Music oscillating at Sangeet Sadhana is a package enriched with the constructive influences of different gharanas; the melodic approach to the Khayal gayki style and elongated alaap of Agra-Atrauli Gharana and the ornamentation of intricate taans of Patiala gharana are very well evident. Sangeet Sadhana reflects the principles and attributes acquired from Deepali Masi.Flawlessness in rendition comes into picture only when we prioritize swar positions and shruti. The same maintains the purity of music. Getting engrossed in its melody takes you to a different world where spirituality is invoked and embraced. The sense of satisfaction and enlightenment will then be all ours when we embrace the transcending transitions between the magical entities of music. No asset in the world is equivalent to the realness gifted to us by the divinity of this art. Being fortunate enough to experience such a pleasing wonder, culture and magic in itself is a privilege. Such is the power of music which delights every individual with its audio treat and sense of amusement that music has to mesmerize us with. Beyond the boundaries and conventions, rules and grammars and all the other technicalities pertaining to music, celebrating the expression and emotion of rendition stands ultimate.

Our Journey

The founder of Sangeet Sadhana, Smt. Anindita Mukherjee has founded a unique brand of rendering melody featuring the 2 E’s of performing arts: expression and emotion, which forms the trademark that identifies the organization.
Anindita ma’am was an All India Radio child artist who developed a keen interest to learn, sing and inculcate the skills of music into her. She was only when started exploring the rays of melody and observing the minute details of music. Her curiosity to learn more and to get better eventually showered upon her, a great opportunity to meet and get trained from the veteran musician, The First Lady of Raag Pradhan: Vidhushi Late Mrs. Deepali Nag of Agra Gharana. Learning from her for 18 effectual years, Anindita ma’am established Sangeet Sadhana, School of music to uphold, propagate and preserve Hindustani classical music. By implementing the lessons she obtained from Deepali masi, she propounded a unique teaching-learning process owned by the school to fulfill the dreams of numerous music aspirants.

The initiatives taken by the disciples of Anindita ma’am to serve music, the fruitful collaborations with respectful musical maestros and the true devotion towards this divine art form helped ripen the efforts of the founder for executing her creative ideas to shelter and foster the values of Indian core classical music. Sangeet Sadhana has and shall continue to serve as the promising institution breathing the purity and eminence of music in and out evermore.

"Raag is a feel; it has no boundaries. Music infuses the emotional appeal, cherishes sanctity and takes us to the ultimate destination called, peace."

-Anindita Mukherjee