Milap 2016

The Musical Summer Camp

MILAP: Connecting hearts through music

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This Summer introduce your little ones to a whole new world of Music (Vocal Classical, Semi classical, Instrumental) with Sangeet Sadhana – a whole new musical experience!!! Summer Celebration with sounds of Music and Laughter!!
Sangeet Sadhana presents MILAP: Connecting hearts through music. This is an 8 weeks comprehensive program designed to teach music and develop a strong foundation through an engaging and interactive learning format which appeals and inspires self-expression in young minds.
Our unique approach and Teaching style illustrates the theoretical aspects through instant application in music, children will be able to grasp the nuances of music with remarkable ease.
This Camp is designed from Beginners to intermediate and advanced level to start, hone their skills and acquiring musical craftsmanship of the highest order.

Whats the right time to begin music lessons?


Session Highlights and its influence in shaping the young minds ….

  • Enjoy singing and with your peers and learn through full range of innovative styles from teachers/performers (Visharad in music) who has learnt music for more than two decades!!
  • All genres of Music both Classical and semi classical will be practiced , any individual desirous of understanding the nuances will get benefited from this program.
  • Students will have access to their class recordings, our structured curriculum (please refer to the Program Structure Tab) with clear milestones that define what you can hope to achieve at the end of the course.
  • Flexibility of joining at any level. After evaluation based on prior learning of the student, appropriate entry levels will be recommended.
  • Classical Music is blended with rich vocals and activities for easy and effective learning.
  • Children will be trained in voice culture and benefit immensely from the skills taught in the interactive sessions. 
  • Highly qualified professionals lead these sessions in a small group setting designed to promote lots of individual attention
  • Each class will have not more than 10-12 students, based on skill level of the participants.
  • Each program is carefully designed to promote mental stimulation, emotional development, self awareness and confidence, resulting in better understanding, appreciation and love for music

Now is the time to expose your child to the sounds of Music, and unleash the artist within themselves!!

Learning Process followed  in Sangeet Sadhana

(For more details please refer to the course structure in our website)


Sangeet Sadhana’s educational philosophy is to blend a strong foundation in theoretical studies with practical demonstrations. Innovative and popular educational aids like info-graphics, are used to introduce nuances of the art to the younger generation. While teaching the training is open towards creativity and finding new avenues of expression. Our classes and teaching methods are planned to help students to grasp key concepts, understand its dynamics, quickly and thoroughly.

Pure and Semi classical Approach – We have 3 levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced

Classical Music has an insatiable thirst for variety. In Sangeet Sadhana we have few methodical approaches for satiating this thirst:

  1.  To express Ragas in different styles – like the Khayala, Tarana, Tappa and other light classical styles like Thumris, Dadra, Ghazals, Bhajans having borrowed aesthetic beauties from certain ragas, talas and their contours and ornaments.
  2. To render raagas in different Gharana Styles.
  3. To fuse Ragas with new scales or mixed varieties 

Non Classical Approach

  • Music appreciation –  listen to different musical styles, learn cool facts from the history of music, and learn to recognize different instruments from the orchestra. Relate melodies and rhythms to some of the songs and sounds that you already know and love.
  • Music as a form of artistic expression – Studio and Proper pronunciation techniques , experiencing the charm of music , understanding the composition and singing with feel.

Instrumental Music approach

  • Fingering Techniques of improving or modifying the quality of sound production in order to increase the aesthetic effects are emphasised. Some of these embellishments are kana or grace notes, kampan or tremor, krintan or pizzicato , zamzama, midh or portamento or glissandi, Ladi( quick tremolo strokes) are taught with fine detailing in order to appreciate the subtleties involved in playing String Instruments like SAROD, SITAR, MOHANVEENA, VIOLIN
  • Transposition techniques - understanding the blowing techniques in case of Wind instruments like BANSURI
  • Understanding the Theka - Sound production and rhythmic practices in case of Percussion instruments like TABLA

In Sangeet Sadhana Gata ( vilambit and drut gat )compositions with khayal gayaki aanga are taught following a traditional aalap-jod-jhala-gat sequence.

Significance of Learning process in Sangeet Sadhana

In this process of learning the first part comes from the teacher or the preceptor, the second part through the practice of the devotion of the student himself (The Sadhana), the third part emerges from the contact and interaction of other students – The last is the product of alchemy of time

Batch size and timings for the class and Course selection Process

A scientific understanding of the musical aesthetics is an absolute prerequisite for practising quality music. Here we believe in authenticity and quality education.

  • At Sangeet Sadhana we have created separate batches, each batch size consists of 10 people with complete 1×1 interaction with the interpreter. Each class duration is about 1.5 to 2 hrs. Classes happens in all Weekdays and Weekends.
  • You have the Flexibility to choose your Batch timings.
  • Incase the Child is interested in classical /light music then after first 2 weeks of basic foundation course we will discuss with parent and children for each child to choose the right “electives” from a variety of options appropriate for different age and skill levels.

Program Structure and Curriculum

Raagangali - A pure Classical Vocal program . We use harmonium, Tabla, Tanpura as an accompaniment.

  • Listening and appreciating Indian classical Music
  • Basic Swaradhyaya and Taalgyan
  • Understanding the elements of Indian Classical Music
  • Breathing techniques, Vocal exercises , proper pronunciation, increasing voice range
  • Introduction to pure and semi classical styles
  • Relate Indian melodies to songs that your kids know and love
  • Secrets and Charm of Traditional Music presented in a contemporary style in an effortless manner

String , blow n’ beats – Instrumental program , you can learn  Sarod, Sitar, MohanVeena, Violin, Flute, Tabla.

Beat a Tabla  ,strum a Sitar or a Sarod , groove to a teen taal in Tabla or blow a flighlty bansuri !

  • Handling instrument and sitting posture
  • Understanding Naad Bhed – the mystery of sound 
  • Fingering techniques and hand movement 
  • Improving or modifying the quality of sound production 
  • Introducing to the various playing styles 
  • Playing various compositions and understanding the techniques associated

Keys n’ Musicals - This is a program wherein you can learn Bollywood or light classical styles using Keyboard and Guitar as accompaniment

This programs is designed for Bollywood and light classical form of singing

  • How to use Key board as accompaniment through simple compositions
  • Fingering techniques and hand movement 
  • We teach contemporary Bollywood songs and as well as Hindi Movie classics
  • Music taught a form of artistic expression
  • Light classical Styles like Ghazal, Bhajan, Thumri, Dadra Rabindrasangeet and Folk music



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