Harmomium and Keyboard Classes


Frequency: Once a week with 1.5 hours of duration

Harmonium – Methodology

  • Understanding the fingering techniques, playing with ease
  • Understanding the various scales 
  • Use of Harmonium both as a solo and accompanying mode( for vocalist)
  • Learn compositions specifically meant for harmonium , styled along with the lines of tantakari, i.e compositions tend to have lot of cut notes and high speed passages similar to that of a sting being plucked .
  • Developing more physical command over the instrument by playing difficult note patterns in amazing speed and bringing in the vocal or gayaki aang form 

Keyboard – Methodology

  • Learning about beats and rhythm – counting beats, time signature
  • Playing with figure numbers and practicing the notes 
  • Practicing line notes, space notes steps and skips
  • Chording , reading chord symbols playing hymns 

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