Wind instrument – Bansuri ( long Flute )

We use both classical and semi classical style of playing the flute


Frequency of class is once or Twice a week depending on Student need and duration of each session is 1.5 to 2 hrs

Methodology Followed

  • Fingering techniques used in playing flute, understanding the texture of the notes and their tonal quality.
  • Techniques to overcome the limitation by changing the scale through transposition or murchhana. This involves making another note Ma or Pa the tonic and thus changing the fingering pattern. 
  • How to vary the breadth which the key to changing the octaves, understanding the different blowing techniques to obtain the wide musical change, techniques of tonguing , tatkari etc. 
  • The jod and jhal are played by emphasising the rthythmic aspects by using a combination of tonguing and blowing techniques both.

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