Our Methodology

The learning experience at Sangeet Sadhana :

At Sangeet Sadhana we create group based on competency, attitude and talent. Therefore it is targeted to all age groups ranging from 5 to 65Years. The whole ambience of our school ,the nature of its discipline or Sadhana, the instruments used to support our music ,are all directed to one single end – the acquisition of swara, the core and substance of Indian Classical music. In Sangeet Sadhana Classes happens in 3 different levels Basic, Intermediate and Advanced. The teacher interacts with individual attention and infuses a liking towards real music in students.

Batch Size and Timings for the class :

A scientific understanding of the musical aesthetics is an absolute prerequisite for practising quality music. Here we believe in authenticity and quality education.
At Sangeet Sadhana we have created separate batches, each batch size is about 4-5 people with complete 1×1 interaction with the interpreter. Each class duration is about 1.5 to 2 hrs. Classes happens on weekdays ( evenings ) and weekends ( throughout the day).

Program Highlights:

  • Practice recording and assignments are encouraged and in depth feedback is provided.
  •  Students will have access to their class recordings.
  •  We have a very structured curriculum (please refer to the course duration Tab) with clear milestones that define what you can hope to achieve at the end of the course.
  •  Scope of stage performance will offered at frequent intervals throughout the year.
  •  Flexibility of joining at any level based on prior learning experience subject to pre -evaluation to meet the pre- requisites.

Significance of the Learning Process in Sangeet Sadhana :

In this process of learning the first part comes from the teacher or the preceptor, the second part through the practice of the devotion of the student himself (The Sadhana), the third part emerges from the contact and interaction of other students – The last is the product of alchemy of time.

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