Classes Registration

New Students

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Terms and Conditions

For Vocal:

  • We provide 8 classes in 4 weeks (a month), i.e. 2 classes per week, but if in a month there are 5 weeks, then based in the feasibility we will try and conduct classes on the Last week as well with no additional fees, however school will ensure that 8 classes in a month are mandatory covered.

For Instrumental:

  • We provide 4 classes in 4 weeks (a month) i.e 1 class per week, but if in a month there are 5 weeks, then based on the feasibility of the teacher we conduct classes on the Last week, however school will ensure that 4 Classes in a month are mandatorily covered.
  • The School Sangeet Sadhana runs on the Culture of Guru-Shishya model. In the Guru-Shishya mode of teaching, a teacher/guru has all the rights to decide who should be taken in as a Shishya. Teacher also expects the Students or the Shishya to get groomed with discipline. When such a chord cannot be established between the Guru and the Shishya, the Gurtu reserves all the Rights to decide whether to continue teaching a student. Similarly, a Shishya reserves all the rights to decide whether to continue with a Guru or not.
  • It is desirable that all students try and attend all the classes as per the respective batch schedules, but if a student is unable to attend classes due to his/her personal commitments or other circumstances, the school or teachers are not liable to compensate the classes missed. Students are also required to keep their teachers informed on their absence in advance.
  • Students will be added to the respective whatsapp group, where they can discuss and take updates from other students/teachers, on what is being taught during the classes they missed and share the notes amongst each other.
  • School is not liable to provide any parking slots for 2 Wheeler/4 wheeler in the immediate vicinity of the school, students or parents will have to find their own places to park without creating any confusion/disturbance to the school nor their neighbours.

Payments and Refunds:

  • Admission charges of Rs. 4500 (registration fee of Rs 2000 and monthly fee of Rs 2500) will have to be paid by all the students for getting admitted to the School. (This fee is valid till the time the student is following the monthly fees cycle. If the fees cycle interrupts, and the student wants to resume the classes again, then he/she has to go through the registration process).¬†For online payments, a nominal convenience fee will be charged by Events High for processing credit card/debit card/netbanking/e-wallet payments.
  • The advance fee and admission fee paid during the joining, will not be refunded at any circumstances.
  • All students are required to pay the monthly fees on or before the due week of every month. (Due week will be communicated by the management during registration). Delay in fees payment would be subjected to fine.
  • A gentle reminder will be sent to the Student (in his/her mobile no.) reminding him/her to settle the monthly fee for the School.