Carnatic Vocal Classes

This course is divided into basic, intermediate and advanced levels


Basic level:( Duration 40 weeks )

  • Familiarity with Talams, alankarams.
  • Introduction to geethams and also Swarajathis. Students get familiar with and are able to identify the basic ragams. Student should be able to sing all carnatic exercises with ease.The student will learn the lower sthayi varsai and two more swarajathis. 
  • The student will also be introduced to Lakshana geethams.
  • Introduction to singing tanams. Understand the concepts of speed and tempo in Carnatic music. Attain flexibility in voice and perfection of notes. Introduction of a different scale or Raga. Familiarize the student with Kakali Nishadam. 
  • Introduction to voice culture technique. The vowel practice enables the student to gain control and help modulate their voices

Intermediate level : (Duration 1.5 year )

  • In this level students understand the wholesome compositions from which Raga, Tala, Swara prayogams, Swara patterns, Raga alapana, neraval and swaraprasthara can all be grasped and learnt.
  • Keerthanas which is a precursor to the kriti form of music is introduced in this level. 
  • The student understands the concept of Gamakas in each new raga they learn through the Varnams and Krtis The theory offered in this course will give them an in depth knowledge about Ragas and the formation of the 72 scales with the help of permutation combination of the Svarasthanas.
  • The construction and details of musical instruments used in Carnatic music is explained to give a better understanding of how the sound is produced, the resonators, the raw materials used etc in all these instruments. 
  • The Gamakas used in Carnatic Music are unique and are considered the soul of Carnatic music because they lend identity to each Raga and understanding the details of Gamakas help the students to produce the Gamakas in the correct manner.

Advanced level :

  • Learning weighty compositions will give a deep insight into the Ragas and help the student build their creative faculty. The student understands the essence of any Raga through its special phrases (not only the scale), and its beauty by increasing his repertoire of Krtis, which in turn help his/her creative abilities.
  • Raga Alapana is the most important aspect of creative music and this hones the student into becoming an accomplished performer. 
  • Niraval is a very important aspect of Manodharma Sangeetam or Creative Music. Niraval singing is the ultimate test of a student of music and determines his/her creative genius. Attaining perfection in Niraval will make the student fit to enter into the performing area of music. 
  • Kalpana Svarams are also a very important aspect of Manodharma Sangeetam which hones students towards concert performances.
  • Manodharma Sangeetam is the touchstone of Carnatic Music and it is therefore the acid test for ever aspiring performer. The penultimate goal of every student of music is to perfect the art of Manodharma Sangeetam which is the core of all concert performances in the present day. The student gets a detailed explanation of the various aspects of Manodharma Sangeetam.
  • Raga Lakshanas give us intricate details of the Raga so that the student has a better understanding of them while presenting the compositions.

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